i use tags as a “state” manager mostly.

#📥️ Seed box | items that i am / will be actively working on #🌱️ Seedlings | distilled from literature notes #🌞️ Incubator | items not yet ready for planting or in need of planting #🌲️ Evergreen | forest notes #:label: Tag Notes

And finally some for just keeping important things find-able for me #✅️ Items that have tasks that i need to complete #:map: Maps of Content (the emerging organizational structure) #:gear: General utilities i use in this system #❗️ IMPORTANT

i take my daily notes in my private journal (daily’s) i put my normal content but i also say what i read/watched/listened to that day as incoming literature/content notes: today was a great day, i ate a chocolate muffin while reading How To Take Smart Notes by [[@Sohnke Ahrens]]

now i have a link to How To Take Smart Notes & [[@Sohnke Ahrens]] on my link to the book i will put my literature notes using my media templates and it gets assigned the #📥️ tag as it is literature notes in my inbox to process then i make my notes, my pure thought notes which are new seedings #🌱️ and when i flesh them out and they are basically done just not densely linked or i have no where to file them yet, or they just need to be added to over some time then they are put into the incubator: #🌞️ until they are ready for planting, when they are densely linked and ready for “planting” in my evergreen forest they get a #🌲️because they are now my evergreen notes.

on the graph now it can show me which notes are #🌱️ and #🌞️ and i can see where they may fit in in the macro view of my ZK graph

my #:label: notes are what many usually use tags for like: #productivity, #business #python, #html, i use notes for this instead. because when the note itself gets a lot of linked references i can see the prevalence of that topic in my ZK, and having that file already makes it easier to set up MOC’s like Programming that have links to python and html this allows me to easily deal with the emerging structure over time

INDEX –> MOC’s –> subjects –> jumping off point notes –> the minutia

and with the graph filtering for files that dont exist, or tags it really makes this workflow nice for me as i can easily get down into the weeds of my content and material and get down to linking things up better over time.

and with my #🌲️ notes i can start writing with an outline that could look like this:

and makes it so i can just connect thoughts and flesh out the gaps and form those narrative stories in my writing or video scripts.

p.s. this s*** is so fun

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