Concatenative synthesis


Concatenative synthesis is a technique for synthesising sounds by concatenating short samples of recorded sound (called units).

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Audiostellar [8/10]

timbreIDLib Pure Data >timbreIDLib is a library of audio analysis externals for Pure Data. The classification external [timbreID] accepts arbitrary lists of audio features and attempts to find the best match between an input feature and previously stored training instances. The library can be used for a variety of real-time and non-real-time applications, including sound classification, sound searching, sound visualization, automatic segmenting, ordering of sounds by timbre, key and tempo estimation, and concatenative synthesis.

flucoma >TheFluidCorpusManipulationproject(FluCoMa)instigatesnewmusicalwaysofexploitingever-growingbanksofsoundandgestureswithinthedigitalcompositionprocess,bybringingbreakthroughsofsignaldecompositionDSPandmachinelearningtothetoolsetoftechno-fluentcomputercomposers,creativecodersanddigitalartists.

samplebrain [4/10]